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Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd, a joint-stock enterprise with R&D, manufacturing, sales and international trade, is invested by Wish Composite Insulator Co., Ltd in Jiangsu province of East China. It mainly produces end fittings for transmission lines, electrical equipment, 35kV and below fuse cutouts (silicone rubber and porcelain), arresters below 220kV, high density PE modified line post or post insulators, HDPE insulators, composite post insulators for HV switches, and for power station. Among them, the registered trademark for HDPE insulators is 【.

Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd sets the EN and ASTM standards as its exporting standards. People in Wish hold treat the quality and brand as their dignity and confidence.

Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd strictly implements three-system approval and adopts 6S and ERP management system for site control. All the products conform to IEC international certification, EN and ASTM standards and pass EX-work inspections.

Caring about technological innovation, Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd continuously recruits talents and regards them as its future. 

Paying attention to staff cultivation and welfare, Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd creates an atmosphere of effective work and happy life to let its staff share the achievements of company development. 

Adhering to “cultivating supplier, stabilizing supply chain, and win-win with suppliers”, Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd treats suppliers and customers equally, so that it always maintains the competitive price advantage of its products in the supply chain.

Choosing Changzhou as its plant site, Wish Composite Insulator (Changzhou) Co., Ltd firstly attaches great importance to Jiangsu's advantages in power transmission and distribution products manufacturing industry, such as product type, manufacturing process, and professional level; secondly, it esteems Changzhou’s transportation advantage. Jiangsu province where Changzhou locates, is an important province in the Yangtze River Delta economic zone and processes developed water, railway and air transportation; thirdly, Jiangsu is worthy of our investment because of its conscientious and diligent people and open-minded government. 

Jiangsu is known as its most developed composite material industry and is also the gathering place of talents, so it is of great significance for us to establish "Rubber and Plastics Engineering Technology Center" in the future.

Changzhou is close to Shanghai, the most vigorous and suitable city for people to live and work in China. The purchasing centers of our overseas customer, both those of Wish and Taporel, are almost in Shanghai. It is more convenient for us to contact customers from Changzhou to Shanghai. 

In terms of business strategy, the company sets high standards for its self-produced products and seeks products with the highest cost performance for customers in the shortest time when it cannot produce. Customers show their trust to us and we give responsibility back to them. 

Bearing the management philosophy of “Working earnestly with responsibility, going forward with sincerity, Wish is a supplier and purchaser for Chinese power transmission and distribution products.

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