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Experts from Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute of China State Grid Corporation visited and surveyed the Wishpower Company.
2019-06-18 08:06

On November 7-8th, 2016, Senior Engineer Li Yaozhong from Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute of China State Grid Corporation came to Wishpower Company to survey. Focusing on the abnormal weather conditions in Xinjiang, especially the high temperature, extreme cold, strong sand wind, salt lake area, large temperature difference between day and night, birds, ect which can cause serious damage to the operation of composite insulators, he proposed several suggestions on silicone rubber formula and shed structure.

During the two-day trip, Mr. Li watched in detail about the production of the Wishpower and the implementation of technology and disciplines, and explained the operation of composite insulators in western China over the years to technical staff. Moreover, Mr. Li spoke highly of The Wishpower Company because it always adhere to its company motto "the quality of products sets the foundation, and the technological developments guide the future".

What’s more, the technical staff of Wishpower Company proposed several improvements with Mr. Li about how to deal with the large area ofpollution flashover of composite insulators in the railroad because of the snow drift and salt mud, and high-speed rail power failure which happened so common in Xinjiang Dabancheng Salt Lake District.

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