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Xi'an jiaotong university professor Guo Jie was invited by WISHPOWER to make an teaching and research
2019-06-18 08:06

On June 8, 2016, xi 'an jiaotong university professor Guo Jiewas invitedbyWISHPOWER tomake an teaching totechnical department engineer of WISHPOWER. During this period, the study focus on therelated knowledge ofcomposite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester, ChinaUHV power transmission and distribution lines in application of the zinc oxide lightning arrester and composite coat zinc oxide resistance of technology assessment. Especially for severe environment conditions,She put forward the Suggestions and opinions aboutthe problems existing in the designon thecomposite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester.

 During the visit factory,Professor Guo Jie gave a positive evaluation for "6 s" management of WISHPOWER, and gave praise to WISHPOWER adhere to the concept of "quality is the reality of the dignity of people",andalso emphasized to problems should be paid attention to the mass production for WISHPOWER productionof27.5 KV electrified railway composite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester

 Set up quality and brand awareness,it is WISHPOWER management idea and pursuit of the eternal to do one hundred enterprise.

 (Teacher Guojie is a senior professorand tutorof xi 'an jiaotong university institute of electrical. Nowsheinvolved in a number of ChineseUHV composite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester standards,and participate in China's high voltage surge arrester in the fault diagnosis in the process of running,sheauthoring for high voltage zinc arrester related books, her academic attainments deep. She has worked in ChinaXD electric institute, has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical level, she has with the graduate students all over the country).

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