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HDPE Insulator
2019-06-17 09:06

HDPE insulators have the following advantages over traditional ceramic insulators:
Excellent Track-Resistance
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Hydrophobic ( moisture repellant) Surface
Unbreakable and Light Weight
Easy Handling and Installation
Low Initial Cost & Long service life
High resistance to traction, flexion and impact
Low Carbon Manufacturing 
100% Recyclable

“The standards for HDPE insulators are electrical and mechanical standards for ANIS C29.5 and C29.6”

The standard of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator is raised by Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd.

The registered trademark of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator is:

Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd has applied for National Invention Patent of Modified Thermoplastic Composite Insulator.

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